Consultative Service that Goes Above and Beyond

Consultative Service Consultative Service
Andy Ries
Technical Specialist
Aug 11, 2020

Does the service representative from your chemical company look for new ways to keep you compliant with local, state and federal regulations? Does he or she go above and beyond in order to ensure safety, cleanliness and operational efficiency for your business? Do you receive in-depth reports to drive continuous improvement? Do they prioritize service over selling?

At Diversey, our technical specialists do more than occasionally call or visit customers. They deliver service excellence. From the moment they step out of their vehicle, they are surveying your property for appearance standards and determining if additional resources are required to assist with any challenges, such as chemical adjustments to keep your dishes clean and your dish machine in peak operating performance.

Our specialists talk with your staff and look for training opportunities to fine tune processes. For example, when employees load heavily soiled dishes into the dishwasher without pre-scraping, this results in partially cleaned wares, excessive detergent use and opportunities for clogs or breakdowns. Similarly, using unlabeled spray bottles to clean creates a safety hazard and violates OSHA requirements. When Diversey specialists assess your business, they will alert you to practices like these and work with you to ensure the utmost service excellence.

Once our specialists verify that all systems are in peak operating condition, they will review their findings with you in detail. They will bring important inventory shortages to your attention and photo document critical temperatures and sanitizer test strip results for verification. All key information will be conveniently packaged into an emailed report available for you to view following the visit.

Protecting your business is our specialty. Our experts ensure that the plates from which you serve food are clean, the restrooms in your facility are effectively disinfected and the sheets in your guest’s hotel rooms are soft and stain-free. Whatever the challenge, Diversey is ready to not only meet, but exceed your expectations with customer service that is second to none.