Cleanliness Lacking Culprits

Cleanliness Lacking Culprits Blog Cleanliness Lacking Culprits Blog
John Boyd
Key Account Director - Hospitality & Food Service
Aug 11, 2020

Travelers have a higher standard than ever for cleanliness, and aren’t afraid to share their negative experiences with others. Be sure your housekeeping staff is paying special attention to certain key areas and items to ensure they are clean.


The Impact of Cleanliness

In the hospitality industry, maintaining the right image is essential to securing rave reviews from guests and turning them into loyal customers who repeatedly book with your property and recommend it to others. While the design, guest perks and cost of hotels vary, guests expect cleanliness whether they are staying at a budget hotel or a luxury property.


According to a 2015 survey by Miele Professional, nearly eight in 10 respondents stated that cleanliness is the main factor that influences their perception of a hotel’s values. Additionally, more than 55% of hotel guests worry about the cleanliness of the hotel room they are staying in, with 76% stating that an unclean room would put them off returning.


Plus, a 2017 study found that more than 60% of hotel guests read reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, AAA and elsewhere before booking rooms. When cleanliness is lacking, negative reviews can have a long-term impact on your business.


Your Cleaning Checklist

Keeping the following areas and items clean is essential for avoiding complaints that can impact customer loyalty and revenue.

  • Restrooms. According to a 2018 Harris Poll, 91% of Americans say that negative online reviews about restrooms would deter them from visiting a hotel. This means that restrooms in common areas like lobbies and near pools, as well as guest room bathrooms, need to be properly maintained. Doing so not only ensures guest satisfaction but safeguards against negative online feedback that can reduce bookings.
  • Dishware, silverware and glassware. Dishes, silverware and glassware will only emerge clean from dishwashers if time, temperature, chemical and agitation are properly balanced. Consider an Internet of Things-connected dishwashing platform that allows you to check that compliance parameters are met and partner with a total solutions provider to ensure your dishwashing process is always operating correctly, cost-effectively and sustainably.
  • Linens. With a seemingly endless number of reports investigating hotel sheets and towels with blacklights, it’s extremely important that linen is regularly cleaned and looks clean. Investing in the right laundry solutions helps your hotel remove stains on the first wash and provide guests with the best looking linen. A careful approach to laundry can also reduce water, energy and chemical use and extend the lifespan of linen, thereby reducing costs.
  • Guest room coffee maker. A Business Insider article published in March 2019 brought attention to an often-overlooked room accessory: the coffee maker or electric kettle. The international correspondent uses it to gauge whether his hotel values cleanliness. Coffee makers can attract bacteria, rust and even mold, and should be regularly cleaned before each new guest checks in. Don’t let this one item be a detriment to guest satisfaction.


Achieving High Standards

Engaging your employees and partners to uphold your cleanliness standards is key to ensuring long-term success. Even if you set procedures, build guidelines and provide training for your employees, remember that higher performance can almost always be linked to accountability. Make employees feel like an important part of your team so that they take ownership and drive your cleanliness goals forward.


Then, identify a hygiene partner who will treat your business’ success and growth as their own, and challenge this partner to deliver great service so that your guests are always greeted with cleanliness at your property. By paying close attention to the above areas and items, you can ensure guest satisfaction, repeat bookings and greater profits.


Diversey prides itself on always offering its customers Service Excellence, industry expertise, accountability, transparency and clear communication. For more information about hospitality solutions, visit or contact your Diversey representative to learn more about how we can elevate cleanliness for your business.