We understand you need more than just products to maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.


As a global industry leader in education solutions, Diversey's innovative chemicals, tools and machines seamlessly integrate with our programs to optimize performance and maximize value. For our customers, we are a knowledge-based provider backed by thousands of scientists and engineers, as well as equipment, application & industry experts, with state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that fit your needs.


Critical Business Needs


Solutions Designed For Education

Each day, over millions of  students and staff attend thousands of public schools and private schools in India. Large number of these school days lost due to illness related absenteeism. With studies showing that chronically absent students are more likely to drop out of school, it's essential to invest in proven, reliable products.

That's why Diversey continues to develop solutions for schools and institutions of Higher Education that address key issues in healthy and hygiene in our schools.

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Infection Prevention
  • Indoor Air Quality


Operational Efficiency

Facility Services is a competitive business and only the most efficient can thrive. Our integrated portfolio of solutions is designed to use less, waste less and cost less. We look at the entire cost of cleaning from labour to supplies, quality and capital. Every step of the way we help make your operations leaner, greener and more cost efficient.


Infection Prevention in Schools

The risk of pathogens infecting the general public is an ever present and serious threat. As pathogens are always evolving, it’s not always clear where the risks are and how to mitigate their threat. In educational facilities, preventing disease transmission is an important part of good facility management. Typically, fewer infection prevention resources are available and there is less access to infection prevention training and education.

Schools are havens for pathogens like Flu, Norovirus and Rhinovirus which can all spread quickly, without advance warning through a school population leading to illness and high absenteeism. Effective cleaning and disinfecting practices help eliminate reservoirs of disease which decreases the risk of transmission. Breaking the chain of infection by disinfecting surfaces is essential in preventing outbreaks and providing a safe, secure environment for students, guests and staff.


Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is one of the most important environmental issues in our lives today. Diseases linked to Indoor Air Quality include asthma, allergies and lung disease. That is why we developed the Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) program. Diversey is the first company to have a cleaning system certified for Indoor Air Quality.