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Someone wearing blue hospital gloves puts a plate full of salad in a restaurant. Someone wearing blue hospital gloves puts a plate full of salad in a restaurant.
Diversey Consulting

Diversey Consulting is the food safety & risk management services group of Diversey. By creating reliable and solid guidelines for food safety and health & hygiene, we assist you in developing a practical yet credible and risk-based system. A robust food safety & infection prevention system which is the corner stone for you to ensure the safety of your guests and employees. We provide you with global food safety and risk management services from the design of your management system to implementation and training up to monitoring and auditing.


Diversey Consulting In A Nutshell

Diversey Consulting In A Nutshell

Globally Capable, Locally Competent

Diversey Consulting has a large experience with international partners. With our global network of high-profiled consultants we have the capacity to service large chains active in many countries. Our local footprint of regional consultants ensures local regulations & business realities are met while respecting the central headquarters guidelines of intercontinental operations. The result is a standardized yet locally customized approach.

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Expert guidance

With our professional diverse team of veterinarians, food engineers, microbiologists and food technologists, we ensure a professional and accurate approach. With over 1000 clients in Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East & Asia we have a broad network of Food Industry experts specialized in Business to Consumer sectors in every region. Our approach is to educate, coach and guide our clients on how to tackle their food safety & infection prevention concerns. This worldwide network of dedicated experts  have a solid background on food safety, microbiology and infection prevention.  Furthermore they are specifically trained and calibrated for each project and familiarized with local regulations guaranteeing a uniformed and effective approach


Continuous improvement

Our services are continuously updated with new legislative input, recommendations & insights from the scientific world and business operations.


Embracing modern technology

We empower your health and food safety culture by providing you with ultimate technological advances for data management. With our zero-paper approach you can free yourself from data chaos and mountains of paper and create full control and transparency. Our vision is to establish simplification. more accuracy and less paperwork. Gain operational insights with our intuitive dashboards and helicopter views on your food safety activity including corrective actions triggered by the system.


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