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Diversey is the global leader in Hygiene Solutions, with specific and leading expertise in Food Service


Products & Dispensing Systems

A range of products and systems selected to ensure performance, safety and simplicity. Solutions often rely on  concentrated chemical products with safe and easy to use dilution control equipment. Diversey dispensing platforms focus on dilution control, employee safety and ease of use. The equipment is maintained by Diversey Technical Specialists and are free on loan to our customers.


Lease Machine Solutions

Diversey understands the environment you’re competing in and the power new business solutions can play in increasing your productivity and competitiveness. That’s why we are working with our national partners to provide financing solutions to meet whatever objectives drive your business, to refresh or upgrade your dish machines easily, match payments to usage or maintain flexibility as your needs change.


Service and Support Installation

Every Diversey installations follows the same process to ensure the customer operations are minimally effected by the change. Support for all the equipment and chemicals are provided at the site.


Value Reporting

On time and accurate reporting is key to Diversey operations, our Service Teams use state of the art reporting tools to review , audit and report current and potential problems while also reporting on performance improvements.


Training and Procedures

Each Diversey solution has  a comprehensive training program built in to the offering, whether it is startup training, periodic training or customized specialty/problem solving the Diversey Technical Operations team ensure your employees have the required knowledge to operate the equipment and use the solutions correctly.



We believe that sustainability and a healthy bottom line can go hand-in-hand. Solutions that protect the environment are more profitable and good business practice for now and the future. At the same time, they allow us to deliver on our responsibility to the wider community, a key component of the Diversey ethos.

Food Safety Safer Solutions

Diversey offers customers a program with:

  • Best in class dosing and dispensing systems, to guarantee the lowest cost in use
  • Customized training, in person or web-based on the Diversey e-Learning platform
  • Nationwide service, focused on delivering you the best solution. This includes the capability to conduct Food Safety audits.