ClearKlens® Sterile Range for Cleanrooms

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In high-risk sterile processing facilities, the correct hygiene procedures are essential in order to eliminate the possibility of contamination of the final product. Our leading range of highly effective sterile detergents and disinfectants removes complexity from your disinfectant regime. 


The ClearKlens sterile range will help you to maintain optimal hygiene levels and safeguard your most sensitive production areas.


The ClearKlens range adheres to regulatory authority standards by ensuring all ClearKlens sterile products have the following features:


  • Designed for use in class A/B facilities
  • 0.2 μm filtered
  • Double or triple bagged
  • Irradiated or sterile filtration
  • Sterility tested
  • Supplied with physico-chemical certificates of analysis
  • Supplied with certificate of irradiation
  • Certificates are downloadable at


sterile spray for cleanroomsClearKlens Trigger Sterile


Our sterile trigger spray “Bag in Bottle” technology maintains sterility for 5.5 months within the use area.


When the sprayer is operated, air is sucked inside the bottle through an external opening and the bag contracts when the liquid is distributed. This allows the pressure of the air inside the bottle to be in equilibrium with that of the environment, preventing any air, which is potentially contaminated, from coming into contact with the product. 


Ergonomically designed for ease of use, the bottle is designed to reduce operator fatigue:

  • A long handle trigger to reduce stress.
  • Designed to be held easily, even with wet gloves.



Clearklens® IPA Airless


  • 250ml Spray
  • Exclusive airless system
  • No suck back through spray-head
  • Hermetic collapsible pouch
  • Ergonomic design
  • Total control of sterility - filled under Class A laminar flow into particle-free bags
  • 87% reduction in waste disposal costs
  • No waste left in the bottle
  • Works in all positions
  • Consistent spray
  • Constructed from recyclable materials
  • An alternative option to aluminium cans


ClearKlens IPA Sterile Pouch


  • Sterile 70% IPA in a collapsible 5L pouch, significantly reducing packaging waste while ensuring product integrity. 
  • Premium 0.2 micron filtered IPA solution, certified by a pharmacist according to the European Pharmacopea.
  • Totally flat once emptied leading to significant reductions in waste disposal costs.
  • Exclusive airless system, preserving the contents of the bag during use. The bag collapses as the liquid is expelled preventing any air being drawn into the bag and potentially contaminating the contents.
  • Enhanced operator safety - incorporating a 1m remote trigger removing risk of repetitive strain injury caused by traditional spray bottle weight.
  • Packaging manufactured from 100% recyclable polyethylene.
  • Convenient package that could be perforated to allow the bag to be hung within isolator during use.


Glove Disinfection - Touchless Dispenser


sterile touchless dispenserA flexible dispenser solution that combines the highest functionality, reliability and longevity. You need a dispenser that merges proven quality with the hygienic advantages of a touchless system.


  • Pump technology proven in continuous use
  • Selection of materials according to hygienic viewpoints
  • Touchless operation optimizes gloves hygiene
  • Simple pump removal from the front
  • Battery level indicator
  • Designed for use with Sterile ClearKlens® IPA bottles
  • Lockable cover available as an accessory
  • High hygienic standard through anodized aluminium surfaces
  • Stress resistant construction optimized for continuous use
  • Exchangeable face shield for individual product labelling
  • IMP Touchless stainless steel pump, angled stainless steel suction tube, autoclavable
  • Dosage amount: approx. 1.5 ml/push, reducible to approx. 0.5 ml/push
  • Designed to be used with ClearKlens IPA (70% IPA, 30% WFI USP quality)


Validation Process

Diversey is here to support the validation process and provide supporting information including:


  • Physico-chemical specifications
  • Corrosion test
  • LD50 - ADE / PDE values
  • Dose mapping validation




Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability products mentioned.