Going the Extra Mile!

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Going The Extra Mile With Diversey Consulting

When it comes to Food Safety and Outbreak Preparation the professionals of the Diversey Consulting team specialize in Risk Management. Within Diversey Consulting we have broad expertise in food safety, health and safety, and risk management. We can provide you with smart solutions from building a robust COVID-19 and food safety infrastructure, through training, to monitoring the effectiveness of your program. 


Our experts have a professional diversity: veterinarians, microbiologists and food technologists ensuring a solid background on microbiology and infection prevention.With our significant presence across the world, the Diversey Consulting network can deploy global programs or local applications as needed. To help businesses keep up with an ever changing landscape, the Diversey consulting teams’ services are continuously being updated with new legislative input, recommendations & insights from the scientific world.


The Food Safety Shield: Providing Innovative Food Safety Services and Advice

Externalize your Food Safety efforts with the Food Safety shield. The modus operandi is quite simple. The Diversey Consulting expert will work with you to untangle the food safety requirements, train your staff and create an actionable audit plan, advising you whenever it needs to be updated. We then even carry out the audit and advise on any necessary improvements. Once our food safety expert has validated your food safety system, the Food Safety shield is yours and you are able to demonstrate your food safety compliance in a very transparent and visible way for your visitors.

The program consists of:

  • Building your food safety infrastructure - regulatory advice and compliance checks, document control and implementation of basic good practices, HACCP and food safety management systems
  • Training for you and your supply chain partners – via our E-learning modules or classroom and on the job training utilizing latest technologies
  • Auditing programs with 24/7 access to data worldwide to help you monitor your business
  • Laboratory analysis - sampling program analysis and reporting to help preventing foodborne illnesses


The COVID-19 Safety Shield: Implementing a customized Program

The COVID-19 operational support program has been developed to help businesses prepare and adapt to the ongoing circumstances, and to ensure compliance with the local health authorities and government policies. This program goes beyond the standard disinfection best practices by putting a special focus on people’s behaviors with the objective to protect staff and customers by limiting the possibilities of spreading an infection. It is an all encompassing COVID-19 Operations Support Program from hand hygiene, to behavioral changes, from respiratory etiquette to social distancing, from the use of protective equipment (PPE) to ventilation and the reception of incoming goods to enhanced cleaning & food safety practices. This is customized program teaches everyone on your staff how to break the COVID-19 infection chain.  

This 3 pillared program consists of:

  • The creation of a customized COVID-19 protocol, 
  • To coaching and e-learning’s for your personnel 
  • External audits (& optional lab sampling) to verify if all the new procedures are understood and implemented. 

Under this Program individual sites can receive the approved COVID-19 Program shield upon completion of a successful audit to ensure business is safe and ready for performance.


The Diversey Consulting difference:

The Food Safety Shield and COVID-19 shield are verified and consistently audited by the Diversey Consulting experts.   We are a consulting group specializing in solutions for food safety, risk management, operational efficiency, compliance management and brand protection.

We help you to tackle everyday challenges of protecting your customers and managing risk within your business while complying with the complex global environment in which your business operates.

  • Depth and breadth of expertise – solutions in food safety, health and safety
  • Global reach with local specialist coverage and expertise
  • Advanced technologies for auditing, training, temperature monitoring, record keeping and customer retention
  • Years of expertise in food retail, food service, hospitality and food manufacturing