Air Care
Unique Odor Neutralizing Technology To Keep Any Environment Fresh

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Smell experience impacts guest experience

Bad malodors are eliminated by using Diversey´s Good Sense air care solutions and the fragrances smell beautiful. The first thing your guests will be welcomed by is the waft of a lovely new daily air freshener creating a comfortable and positive feeling to enhance guest experience.


Our Good Sense air care solutions contain a unique patented gel-active technology that chemically destroys malodors at the source, for a higher performance. This Odor Neutralizing Technology (O.N.T.) neutralizes unpleasant odors and simultaneously leaves behind a pleasant fresh fragrance.


Range of Good Sense Air Care solutions

Our Good Sense solutions keep any environment smelling fresh and are the ideal solution to effectively solve odor problems in areas such as public areas, bars, hotel bedrooms, restaurants, offices, washrooms, etc.


We offer different types of solution, from aerosol, spray bottles, automatic dispenser to an aromatic diffuser or Good Sense air care service.


Our O.N.T. air care solutions offering:

  • Continuous Action: Air Care solutions that help maintain high level of odor control over time in various environments.
  • Instant Action: Manual air care solutions for instantaneous tackling of malodors.
  • Residual Action: Solutions that maintain continuous chemical action over time for hidden or non-accessible places.

Good Sense Service

Good Sense Service is Diversey’s complete building air care program. Good Sense Service utilizes your establishment’s existing air conditioning/ventilation system as a means of distributing the completely safe, odor neutralizing agents to all areas of the building. This means that every office, lobby, corridor, reception, meeting, bedroom and wellness centre will remain odor-free with minimum intervention.