Room Care
From Check-out To Check-in, Every Minute Counts.

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Turnaround must be fast, efficient and top-notch to make your next guest experience unique.


Everything we do is linked to the satisfaction of your guests and the sustainability and efficiency of your operations. To keep ahead of the game, we’ve taken our highly successful Room Care™ solution and given it an extra boost and a freshen up.


We’ve improved the performance of our best rated chemicals. They are now all dispensed through secured and controlled dispensers at higher concentrations. Faster, efficient and more sustainable cleaning without stinting on customer satisfaction or compromising operational costs. Our fragrances are now all harmonized and smell beautiful. The first thing your guests will be welcomed by is the waft of a lovely new daily air freshener.  


Our 5 Standards of Cleaning Methodologies and the use of the best tools for the job maximize the efficiency of our Room Care™ chemistry and help housekeeping to keep it simple and error-proof. One speck of dust or a sparkle-free sink is a stain on your reputation.


We’ve also extended daily cleaning to specialized area cleaning. Targeted guest satisfaction lays in the details of cleaned surfaces.


Finally, any hotel room can be fully cleaned with concentrated Eco-labeled chemicals used in combination with our new Room Care™ carry tray, which has been cleverly, ergonomically redesigned in biodegradable material. The perfect solution for customers seeking to lower their sustainability footprint and meet high sustainability targets.


Second Generation Room Care™ is now the benchmark for a premium full-service housekeeping solution.