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Why hotels should re-think about linen?

Whether you are managing a new hotel opening or need to buy a new par stock of linen, as hotel manager you are always looking for high quality linen that meets your brand standard.

Linen is the 2nd highest costs in overall laundry operation. It is much higher than the combined cost of water and energy in the laundry.

The process of buying and selecting good quality linen is usually over-looked. Diversey’s Linen Consulting helps you select the best quality linen that lasts longer. This creates lifelong guest, saves replacement cost and improves your sustainability profile.


Why Diversey’s Linen Consulting?

Over the past 45 years, Diversey’s textile laboratories and our team of textile experts have supported hotels – from luxury to economy brands in their linen purchase process. Instead of selecting the wrong quality and expensive linen, Diversey’s Linen Consulting helps customers decide on the right quality, saving one third of your capital investment. In addition you will do good for the environment by reducing the cotton footprint.

Linen Consulting


How We can help with Linen Consulting


What are the benefits?

Linen Consulting benefit

Longer-lasting linen cuts replacement costs by extending linen lifetime while enhancing guest experience. Diversey’s Linen Consulting helps customers save money while reducing their cotton environmental footprint.







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