Water Treatment

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Steam Boiler Water Treatment


The purpose of a boiler is to generate steam, consuming fuel to heat water.  Steam is transported through pipelines to equipment throughout the plant and used for heating, sterilization, cleaning and power (driving turbines), dependent on facility requirements.  Steam condensate is then returned to the boiler with additional make-up water.


Steam boiler systems can experience corrosion, deposition, scale build-up and steam purity issues due to contaminant carryover.  These problems can impact heat transfer efficiency, fuel consumption and carbon footprint, system integrity, safety and reliability, water usage, maintenance, product quality and total cost of ownership.


Our solutions address the key issues of deposition and scale build-up, steam purity and system corrosion to deliver quality, safety and condensate system protection.


System Corrosion


Corrosion can result in reliability issues, an increase in repair maintenance, a reduction in plant life and even system failure. This impacts operational efficiency, utility usage and total cost of ownership. We provide oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitors and water chemistry that protects the integrity of boiler systems and return on asset investment.


Deposition and Scale

Water hardness salts and other minerals can form insoluble sludge and scale reducing heat transference and operational efficiency.  This can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and carbon footprint, descaling maintenance and total cost of ownership. Our water conditioning technology and know-how can help inhibit deposition and scale build-up while maximizing cycles of concentration and utility use efficiency.


Contaminant Carryover

Gaseous compounds, salts and particulate matter can damage steam piping and equipment. The vapour also presents a contamination risk on contact. Our treatment agents ensure steam purity meets the required quality standards.


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